Who we are

We are an honest, purpose-driven team
on a mission to craft the world's most
delicious treats that are better-for-you
and taste better than the typical rest.

Guilt-free & Good.

We are here to debunk the myth: that healthy food isn't tasty. Our Vegan & Keto treats are the healthier, better version of typical treats - no sugar, no dairy, no gluten & low carb.

And the best part?
They taste just like, (if not better than!) their counterparts that are high in sugar and packed with refined carbohydrates and oils.
Meet the sisters.

About us

Hi! We're J (right) & Jacelyn (left), the sisters behind the business. Jammy's was first started by J (also Jammy), before Jacelyn took the leap of faith and joined full-time as co-founder of the business. Coming from a family of foodies, we have always bonded over our passion for food - so we're committed to creating treats that are really delicious & as inclusive as possible: keto-friendly, vegan, diabetic-friendly, no sugar, no dairy, gluten-free & low carb.
Behind every treat you taste at Jammy's is a lot of thought, love, and dedication to bring you the best. 100% honest, never anything nasty.

We hope they will become your go-to desserts or treats that will always be in your kitchen, be at every party and event you go to, improve your blood glucose fluctuations, and keep your tummy and health happy.

A note from Jammy

I went from needing to have 4 satchets of sugar in my café latte to now having only black coffee with no sugar. On my journey to breaking up with sugar, I realised that literally every treat in the market is full of sugars, refined carbohydrates, inflammatory seed oils and weird ingredients nobody can pronounce. And it is the reason why I wanted to create really delicious treats that everyone (including myself) can freely indulge, treats made for maximum pleasure & satisfaction without the unnecessary nonsense.

Real Ingredients

The ones you can pronounce. Natural, plant-based ingredients -nothing refined and always free of any sugars.

Delicious & Guilt-free

They always coexist. Not one or the other. Every one of our treats is delicious - we promise you will not know or even think it's guilt-free.

Honestly Crafted

Handcrafted with love, by people who care. Transparency, consistent quality, and your happiness are all we care about.