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NEW! Keto + Vegan Granola - "Honey" Sea Salt

NEW! Keto + Vegan Granola - "Honey" Sea Salt

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Inspired by our love for honey but not the sugar that comes with it. (Yup, honey from bees is natural, but it is considered 'added sugar' and will still spike your blood sugar). Made using just monkfruit and water, this honey is sweet with ZERO sugar, and is 100% plant-based (let the bees have their winter food!). 
With a touch of Celtic sea salt and macadamias, we promise you'll love this ✨
Only 2g Net Carbs per serve.

Lovingly baked to perfection with almonds, macadamias, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, monkfruit "honey" (monkfruit extract, honey), erythritol, coconut oil, allulose, sea salt flakes, xantham gum.

1 serving (~45g) contains: 207 calories/ 18.6g fat/ 9.5g carbs (2g net)/ 5.8g protein
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