Garlic & Chilli Roasted Pili Nuts - 45g Pack

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Sourced from the bountiful forests of the Philippines, these exquisite nuts are delicately seasoned with garlic and spicy chilli, creating a symphony of taste sensations with every crunch. Enjoy the rich, buttery texture of Pili Nuts enhanced by the fiery kick of chilli and the savoury notes of garlic, making them a perfect snack for those craving an exciting culinary adventure. Experience the perfect balance of heat and flavour in every bite, as these nutrient-rich nuts offer a satisfying snack that's both wholesome and delicious.


Net carbs < 1g

No Sugar, No Dairy, Gluten-free
No Blood Sugar Spike!
Made with Natural, Plant-based Ingredients
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Garlic & Chilli Roasted Pili Nuts - 45g Pack

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